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Water Damage and Flood Restoration

Water damage and flood restoration Auckland – wide

We have seen the recent terrible damage caused by flooding in many parts of Auckland. This is obviously a very stressful time for people whose homes have been affected by flood damage so it’s important that people can get their homes treated so they can move back as soon as possible. A fast response by a water damage or flood restoration company is essential to prevent further long-term damage to your home and property.

Our experience and expertise as a leading Auckland carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning company can help you get your home back to a liveable space, faster.

Flood restoration

Clearing up after a flood is not just a case of getting the water out of the building.  The floor coverings need to have the water extracted before mould and any bacteria that may have become trapped in the carpet fibres.  Then you will need to have the carpets dried out thoroughly by using industrial air movers. If your carpets are treated quickly then they can often be saved however, it is common that the underlay may need to be replaced so you will also need to look for a carpet fitter.

Water damage repair

Major flooding is not the only cause of water damage in a home.  Far more common is water damage due to flooding by burst pipes, over-flowing baths, broken washing machines and appliances, etc.

While this type of water damage in Auckland doesn’t get the headlines of a major flood, it is far more common. It can also be just as devastating for the home-owner or renter.

The important thing is to call a qualified and proven Auckland carpet cleaner as soon as possible. The faster a water damaged carpet is treated, the greater the chance of saving your carpeting.

Upholstery cleaning

Often, it is not just carpets that are damaged by water leaks or flooding. Your lounge furniture can also be damaged and require upholstery cleaning. If there is a leak in an upstairs room dripping water through the ceiling you will need an upholstery cleaner or couch cleaning company.

One of the leading Auckland carpet and upholstery cleaning companies

At Go Green Carpet Cleaning, we are both a carpet and sofa cleaning service in Auckland. We cover the North Shore, the eastern city suburbs like Remuera, central and west Auckland including New Lynn, Titirangi, Green Bay and Henderson.

If you suffer any water damage or flooding in your home, we can take care of the flood restoration service for you. This includes extracting the water, cleaning the carpet, and drying the floor with air movers and dehumidifiers. Call us on 0800-398722 for fast response and advice for any water damage or flood restoration Auckland – wide.

Key points if you have water damage or flooding

Water and electricity do not mix so here are some tips you MUST follow if you have flooding in your home.


  • Do not touch any electrical appliances if you are standing on wet carpet.
  • Do not try to dry your carpet with your domestic vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not try to mop up excess water with paper, especially newspapers as the ink will stain the carpet.


  • Call an experienced water damage, flood restoration company at once.
  • Turn off the electricity at the fuse box.
  • Raise curtains to keep them out of the water.
  • Remove any rugs or loose flooring so they can start to dry out.
  • Move furniture to a higher level if possible.
  • Remove any other valuables.

Fast action for water damage or flood restoration

The faster you call us, the sooner we can get to work on the flood restoration for your home.  Many carpets can endure being wet for up to three days before permanent damage occurs.  Professional carpet cleaning and treating for mould or bacteria can often save a carpet so be sure to call us on 0800-398722 for flood restoration, or a water damage service in Auckland.

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