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Carpet Cleaning – Have Them Smelling Fresh and Like New Again…

When you use Go Green Carpet Cleaning, your carpets will be transformed into the clean, hygienic environment you desire. Our carpet cleaning technicians are fully trained to handle your job with professionalism, knowledge, and skill. They use advanced equipment and processes to clean your carpets right from the bottom of the carpet pile to the top. No matter how clean you keep your home, significant quantities of dust mites, pollen, and other particulates live in carpet and build up over time. This can create health problems, especially for allergy and asthma sufferers. You’ll love the results and will find the entire process with us simple and worthwhile.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

Stage 1: Furniture Removal

Before carpet cleaning begins, unless asked otherwise, we will move your furniture* onto the hard floors to give the entire carpet a complete wash. If space is limited, we will move it from one side of the room to the other. You can choose if you want the furniture left off the carpet to allow it to dry properly, or if you prefer to have it put back onto plastic squares.

*Unless specifically requested, we will leave bookshelves, pianos, hutch dressers or stereo systems where technical setup is required.


Stage 2: Vacuuming carpets

The foundation of carpet cleaning is this crucial vacuuming step. Go Green Carpet Cleaning begins each visit by vacuuming using our powerful machines that extract dust mites, grit, and pet hair right from the bottom of the carpet pile. We try to remove as much dry dirt as possible before we start washing. It’s quite normal to remove a shopping bag full of fine deep down dirt, pet hair, lint and fluff. If this essential step is missed, a sludgy mud forms in the bottom of the carpets when water is added. It may look clean on the top, but down the bottom it’s a breeding ground for dust mites. This can damage the carpet pile and will age the carpet. Thorough vacuuming is just as pivotal as washing.

Here is what the vacuums bought out of the dining room and lounge carpets at a recent job. Imagine what it would have been like if we hadn’t vacuumed and just did the carpet cleaning? Cheap carpet cleaning deals normally miss this step.

Stage 3: Washing carpets

At Go Green Carpet Cleaning, we use the hot-water extraction cleaning method. We consider this the most reliable method for getting your carpets as clean as possible. Hot water extraction offers a much deeper clean than its alternatives, namely shampooing and dry cleaning, which provide a surface clean. Our professional systems run a separate motor dedicated solely to removing the water and drying the carpet. This allows carpet to dry again within a few of hours, even in winter. Airflow is crucial here – creating a breeze either through open windows, a heat pump or dehumidifier drastically improves drying times.

The carpet cleaning machines spray hot water with environmentally friendly shampoo into carpet. They have scrubbing brushes which scrub the carpet fibres and then extract this dirty water back out.

At Go Green Carpet Cleaning we believe it is important to look after the environment, so we have chosen to use Big Green Complete carpet shampoo. It is DfE approved (Designed for the Environment), meaning that it is made using the most environmentally friendly components and safe for people, children and pets. It contains odour neutralisers, fights stubborn stains and contains a small amount of Scotchguard, to protect your carpet against future spills and accidents. Using a formulation that is safe for you, your family and the planet is important to us.

We recommend cleaning your carpets at least twice a year to prolong their life and to keep your living space clean and hygienic for your family. Look at it like insurance on the investment that you made. Regular carpet cleaning will save you money because it removes all the fine dirt particles that cut away the pile, destroying the carpet faster. Has your pile flattened down in some areas? Our process lifts it back up again.

Please note that we require both hot water and power at the property.

Stage 4: Scotch guarding


You have to option to pay for scotch guarding of your carpet. Scotch guarding puts a protective layer in the carpet to protect it against staining from spills and accidents. It means that when an accident happens, you can blot it up quickly and staining is much less likely to happen. Once applied, it usually lasts for your next 3 washes.

Scotch guard can be applied to carpets, mattresses, rugs, chairs and sofas. The cost for scotch guarding is the same as carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning.


Stage 5: Pest control

Our teams are also able to provide pest control for fleas and carpet beetle. Please ask for further information.

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