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Reasons Why It Is Always Best To Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Auckland carpet cleaning companyAre your carpets looking a little dingy? Professionally cleaning your carpets can help them look almost new again. While it is possible to clean your carpets yourself by renting a carpet cleaning machine, these machines are usually not as large or as powerful as those used by professional carpet cleaning companies. Depending on how dirty your carpets are, a professional Auckland carpet cleaning company can do a much better job of getting your carpets cleaned. Unless you know how to professionally clean your carpet and can rent or buy a commercial carpet cleaning machine, you won’t be able to achieve the same results.

High-strength, environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning agents

Choosing a professional carpet cleaning company will help ensure the best results when you get your carpets cleaned. Professionals use commercial strength detergents and cleaners. However, at the Big Green Carpet Cleaning Company, we use environmentally-friendly cleaning formula which causes no damage to the eco-system. These are much more powerful than general carpet cleaning agents you can buy to use with a rented carpet cleaning machine.

Protect your carpet

Carpets can be damaged if the wrong cleaning products are used or the carpet is wet too much. Some of these are very aggressive and powerful chemicals which can easily cause damage to your expensive carpeting. As a result, they should only be used by people who understand how they work and their potential effects on carpets. A professional carpet cleaner will evaluate your carpet material before they begin their work to ensure they use the right cleaning formula and processes to clean but protect your carpets.

Green and safe carpet cleaners

The products used by professional carpet cleaners are safe to use around pets and young children. This does surprise some people given the strong aroma that they can sometimes give off. However, for even greater security and health benefits for your family, it is much better to use green carpet cleaning formula and agents. Of course, when you do go down this route, then you are also helping to protect the environment from additional chemical waste going into the water system.

Higher standard of carpet cleaning

Another benefit of using a professional carpet cleaning company is they use commercial machines to clean the carpet. These machines are very powerful, even the hand-controlled machines. Most professional carpet cleaning companies will use steam and/or hot water extraction method to clean your carpet. The steam is usually heated to a very high temperature and is then applied to your carpets. The Big Green Carpet Cleaning company uses the hot water extraction method only. However, we will give your carpet a thorough clean with a professional-grade vacuum cleaner first to remove all the dirt and particles from the carpet. This will not only give a better quality finish, but it will also protect your carpet from the abrasive action of the grit and dirt particles during the cleaning process.

Fast result for your carpet cleaning

With carpet cleaners you hire from the supermarket or DIY store, they can do a reasonable job but another problem is that they do not dry the carpet. This means your carpet is damp for hours and often into the next day. Professional carpet cleaning equipment will have a powerful vacuum to suck out any excess moisture. This allows your carpets to dry much more quickly. Most of the time, you will be dry in 2-5 hours of being professionally cleaned.

Remove stains from carpet

Another benefit of using a professional carpet cleaning company is the ability to treat and remove stains. The carpet cleaning company will analyse any stains in your carpet and then treat them with the appropriate chemical to reduce or eliminate the stains. If the stains have been in the carpet for a few years, often they will become set and will be difficult to remove. Using a cleaner from a retail outlet will, most likely, not be strong enough to deal with these unsightly marks and can often make the stain worse. However, professional grade cleaners and spot stain removers are more likely to give the clean carpet result you want because they are specific to the stain being treated.

Auckland carpet cleaning company – summing up

Choosing a professional carpet cleaning company is the best way to ensure your carpets look their best. Professional cleaners will use the right chemicals and cleaning formula to get your carpets as clean as they can be. We have extensive experience especially with green carpet cleaning methods and materials so for a professional Auckland carpet cleaning company, give us a call on 09 972 2462.



Posted on December 20, 2016


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